How I accidentally made a game


This game was born while I was in high school, trying to make snake. I didn't know how to make the snake move, so I coded what I understood before trying to code the snake movement. This resulted in a snake like game but a little different, since the snake doesn't automatically move.

From this starting point, I played around with simply leaving a trail that doesn't follow the player to make the game more challenging as time passes, like snake. This resulted in 99 as we see today, with only a few tweaks left for me to make. Since some fruit could spawn in unreachable places, I allowed for the player to move from the left side to the right side and top to bottom and vice versa for both. This improved mobility, but some fruits were still unreachable. I instituted a system where every 8 fruits allows for the player to "remove" one of the danger tiles by moving over it. This balanced the game, and seems to have put it in a good position.

I might add personal highscores and a leaderboard at some point, but probably not. This is meant to be more of a time waster rather than a competitve game, but if you'd like a challenge try to get a score of 99 and send me a picture if you manage to get it :-)


The rules of the game are simple. Collect fruit (purple), and avoid the danger tiles (red) that spawn after collecting fruit. To avoid unreachable fruit you are able to move over a red tile and delete it once for every 8 fruit you collect. You can check your current score and number of deletes you have by pressing 'e' when you're on the game page.

Click here to play!